Our Story

The truth behind the taste of Nong & Jimmy. Love, Spice, and Everything Nice! In 1994, we dreamed of bringing a slice of Thailand’s streets to the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Thus, the first Nong & Jimmy outlet was established in Taman Cahaya and birthed the love of exquisite Thai flavours. Authenticity is key in ensuring the tastes and experience of eating a charcoal grilled crab in Thailand is recreated here, that is why we at Nong & Jimmy pride ourselves in using only the freshest and all natural ingredients in every plate we serve. From lemongrass to live crabs, papaya to prawns – our Thai chefs carefully select each component to forge the fiery recipes from Hatyai. It is with this passion for authenticity and integrity to uphold the essence of Hatyai cuisine that has given us the reputation as one of the best BBQ Crabs in Kuala Lumpur – a title we have been holding for the past 25 years.


out of all our mouth-watering dishes, the stand out selection that consistently keeps foodies coming back for more is the Freshly Charcoal Grilled Crabs. We ensure that all the crabs are the best by keeping them live, none of that frozen nonsense! We use Indonesian crabs that are carefully grilled on blazing charcoal heat to smoky perfection, to create an exceptional taste of grilled crabs unlike anything else you have tasted before.

Don’t let your taste buds be satiated by just one dish, dive into our menu for a plethora of delicious and unique home cooked-feel creations as there is much more that Nong & Jimmy has to offer.

Being in Malaysia,

uniting people from different backgrounds and places is a must, hence why we are a pork free establishment for the confidence and comfort of our Muslim patrons. Everyone can have a chance to feast on our fantastic Thai food! That’s not all, you can rest assured that when you dine in Nong & Jimmy, you are dining smart as we always offer fair prices coupled with the enjoyment of quick service and warm hospitality.